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It’s hard to top the Bobby Owen Band for a night out to remember! Comprised of four well accomplished musicians, this group really delivers! With an eclectic playlist and an uncanny ability to keep the audience engaged, this band continuously kicks out one great tune after another.

Each of the four band members have been performing for crowds at a variety of noteworthy venues from Miami to Melbourne throughout every bit of their adult lives. Dave Bookamer (bass guitar) is a native Floridian while Bobby Owen (vocals, guitar) was born in Japan but has resided in Florida since early childhood.

The band’s ability to cover songs without straying away from its original is its hallmark. With a wide ranging sound and an extensive playlist, these guys rock all comers!

So, if you haven’t heard the Bobby Owen Band you need to come out for some genuinely good music, played the way  it was intended to be played: brilliantly!

Vocals, Guitar / Bobby Owen

Bass / David Bookamer

Vocals, Guitar / Bethany Lynn

Drums / John Fitzpatrick

Lead Guitar / John Penella


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